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Traduzioni Arabo Italiano

II do, but what about you? If the answer is no, then maybe I can help … You should know that ARABIC is a language spoken by about 280 million people around the world, and it is known by more than one billion people who are Muslims! The countries where Arabic is officially spoken are: Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Comoros, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Djibouti, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia, Yemen. So …


  • to be able to communicate with others in this “small” global village
  • to improve your company’s image abroad
  • to increase your clientele through a multilingual site
  • to take advantage of the search engines of websites used in the Arab world.
  • to find business and cultural contacts with other countries
  • for a new non-commercial tourism offer from the supplier to the customer …open this window … on the Arab world by browsing this website that speaks your language!Welcome … and happy surfing …




– Arabic-Italian translations

– Arabic-Italian simultaneous interpretation
– Translations into Arabic from other languages
– Arabic courses


Dott. Ossama Salama


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