Arabic-Italian translations

In Italy, to tell people you don’t understand something you say, “Are you speaking Arabic?” In one Arab country, when you want to tell someone you’re surprised that they haven’t understood what you’re saying, you comment, “Look, I’m just speaking Arabic.”
Arabic is spoken by over 280 million people. It is written and read from right to left and is known by more than one billion people, thanks to the widespread use of the Koran, the sacred book of Islam.
Today, Arabic is one of the official languages ​​of the UN.


DAL NILO is a high-quality language consulting service working from Arabic to Italian and Arabic to English and vice versa (other pairs from/into the Arabic language are available on request).


The range of top-quality language services includes:

• Translation and Interpreting (Arabic> Italian/English)

• Revision (texts translated into and from Arabic)

• Layout, graphic design & DTP (Arabic language and typesetting from right to left)

• Teaching of Arabic language and culture

• Localization: a very specific term that respects the social, economic and religious aspects of the Arab world

The services are characterized by:

– punctuality, quality, availability and confidentiality
– various areas of specialization and the use of CAT tools
– delivery of the translated text in Word, PDF and other formats to be agreed
– computerized work tools and updated technical dictionaries
– review of the final text (proofs)
– transparent and competitive rates


About Us:

Dal Nilo is the brainchild of Ossama Salama, who was born in Egypt in 1976. He graduated with a degree in Italian language and literature. Salama then earned his qualification as a tourism specialist from Confesercenti Veneto and constantly attends refresher training courses. Qualifications

Combining his studies with significant experiences since 1996, he has specialized in language consultancy in various sectors: automotive, technical manuals, banking, marketing, law, information technology, tourism, journalism and communications.
His many years of experience in this profession include extensive collaboration with associations, companies, translation agencies and graphic studios in Italy and abroad.

Dal Nilo collaborates with a group of Arabic-speaking professionals with proven experience in various areas: auditing, graphic design and the translation of other language pairs from/into Arabic.


Ossama Salama,

Head of Dal Nilo