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Graphics in Arabic and multilingual desktop publishing (DTP)

Graphics in Arabic and multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) are especially important services for companies that want to explore new markets and thus illustrate their business in the languages of both potential and established customers.
Since layouts in foreign languages are fraught with difficulties and problems, it is best to have expert and qualified personnel handle this type of service.
We have extensive experience in handling graphics and multilingual desktop publishing (DTP), relying exclusively on professional graphic designers who guarantee the confidentiality of the contents of every project.
We team the translator with DTP experts who know how to deal with bi-directional languages (layout from right to left) and solve all the problems connected with fonts and the distinctive aspects of the language.
Once the DTP work has been completed, it is fundamental to have the translator proofread the text.

The solutions we offer will give your products numerous competitive advantages and greater visibility, and ensure that the descriptions will be read correctly by both potential and established customers.
For all the translations, the layouts observe graphic conventions for publication in the target language, and the layout is checked and proofread by the translator.
We make sure that the texts are in the right position, that they are not too long or too short with respect to the original or any other translations on the same page, and that the hyphenation is correct.


Programs used:
• Adobe® Illustrator™ – Middle Eastern version (Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, etc.)
• Adobe® InDesign™ – Middle Eastern version (Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, etc.)


Services offered:
• Planning coordinated based on the languages to be used
• Research into similar characters and fonts (Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, etc.)
• Conversion from Adobe® Acrobat™ PDF or Microsoft™ Word™, with layout and management of your translations so they are press-ready
• Conversion of text to outlines
• Product localization for the Middle Eastern market (Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, etc.)


Multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) solutions:
• Brands and logos
• Catalogues
• Packaging
• Publications
• Instructions books and maintenance manuals
• Advertising and communication campaigns
• Software


We constantly update our software to guarantee that we have the latest available versions, which is fundamental to address any problems involved with managing fonts.

When the work is finished, we provide PDF files optimized for Internet publication and printing.
In specific cases, you can ask for editable source files in the original formats and management of typesetting services.

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