DAL NILO specializes in translating from Italian/English into Arabic and vice versa. Other language combinations from/into Arabic are available on request.



Advertising, promotional, marketing plans, business documents, legal work, manuals, brochures, auditing, proofreading, typing, transcription, language consultancy

Sworn translations, legalization



Website translations (maintaining the graphics, original formatting and links), localization of websites and web marketing:
Analysis and selection of keywords for Arabic portals
SUMMARY of the website contents for positioning in Arabic portals


Graphics and Digital Printing

Arabic advertising fonts, creation of advertising in Arabic, preparation for digital printing in Arabic characters (the layout and graphics in Arabic require programs localized in Arabic).

We provide the customer with the original layouts and files in an Adobe Acrobat PDF format, ready for printing, and optimized and prepared according to the required specifications.


Your company logo in Arabic

The image of your company logo must immediately express your company’s specific characteristics here, so DAL NILO will implement your original company logo but make it understandable for the Arab world, giving you a competitive edge on foreign markets.

The graphics and digital printing are handled by a specialized office in Cairo.



Interpreter for business meetings
Assistance at court hearings
Consecutive interpreting (this type of interpreting is performed in the physical presence of the parties concerned; the interpreter listens to the speaker and translates his or her words faithfully, one passage at a time, into the other language).
Conference and exhibitions
Availability to participate in trade fairs and conferences abroad
Availability to accompany foreign delegations to companies



Courses in Arabic language and culture
Core courses:
• Introduction to classical Arabic and the different language versions of the Arab world
• Study of phonetics
• Rules of grammar
• Practice reading
Intermediate courses
Advanced courses
Customized courses: dialect translation
The fundamentals of Arabic and conversation exercises for tourists and business travelers


Other services

Internet research
Phone appointments:

DAL NILO can contact your business partners wherever they are in the Arab world, serving as your translator and conducting the conversation according to your specifications. Everything is documented in writing.


Localization services:

Localization means adapting a product to the local conditions of a region while respecting its particular cultural, religious, historical and social characteristics.
A literal translation of brands and texts into a foreign language is not enough: a product can only succeed if it makes a positive impression on customers. Furthermore, overlooking local conditions can lead to complete rejection of the product.

Since painting is prohibited in the Islamic religion, calligraphy is the most important pillar of Arab art. As a result, Arabs are very demanding and quality-conscious about the aesthetics of writing. Calligraphy is an indispensable element of any Arabic advertising agency, because ads that ignore the importance of calligraphy do not cater to the aesthetic tastes of Arab consumers.